We’re being invaded

We’re being invaded by peacocks! Well okay, maybe not invaded exactly as there are only two of them, but it feels a bit like it because they are really quite big when you get close to them.

I’ve no idea where they’ve come from but I know what they’re doing – they are eating our home-grown veggies.

They are noisy too. They keep calling loudly to each other, or maybe they are calling for their mates to join them in the feast, I’m not sure. We’ve tried to chase them away but they aren’t easily scared off. The big one has a go at us when we try to shoo him. He runs forwards in a threatening way. In fact we had to dash to safety inside and come up with a plan to save the veg.

In the end we have had to put the garden sprinkler on. It’s one of those that is attached to a hose pipe and can be set up to water in more than one pattern. We slipped past them while they were distracted eating the veggies and set it up to sprinkle a shower of water around them and apparently they don’t like rain much because that made them move off.

They seem to have disappeared for the time being, and I hope they won’t be back any time soon because we’ve already lost some cabbages and cauliflowers, as well as some broccoli. I know they are very pretty but home-grown veggies and peacocks don’t mix.

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