The Article Writing Workbook

Do you want to learn how to write successful articles and get them accepted for publication?

The Article Writing Workbook is a complete step-by-step formula to writing articles for magazines as well as freelance non-fiction writing, writing blogs and writing for the internet. It is crammed full of valuable information with practical activities and writing exercises to help you develop your articles and find your preferred genre and individual style.

All aspects of article writing are covered in the workbook, from your first steps to completing your articles and getting them published. We show you how to: –

  • Find ideas
  • Work with words
  • Build your article step-by-step, creating the opening, body and ending
  • Analyse and find your market
  • Submit your work (includes sample submission letters)
  • Pitch your ideas to a magazine editor
  • Write cover letters (includes templates)
  • Layout and present your work for publication

Also included in the book are ideas for article for those moments when you just can’t think of anything to write, as well as where to offer your finished work for publication.

We show you how you can earn money from writing articles, as well as how to recycle and reuse your articles to maximise your income with less effort.

Plus much, much more; this is an extremely in-depth workbook helping you to successfully write articles and get them published.

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