Clare Allison Author

Hello there! I’m a writer with a passion for crafting children’s books. My home is by the blustery seaside in northern England, where salty air and seabird songs are my daily companions.

Before becoming an author, I was a teacher, guiding eager minds through the worlds of English and Art in a bustling East Lancashire school.

After raising my own children, I sought a new path, gaining National qualifications in psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and NLP. Those skills blossomed during my years working with adults and children in private practice.

But writing has always been my passion, and now I weave tales of curious characters into books that spark joy and become treasured companions. I enjoy blending my expertise in clinical hypnotherapy and NLP into stories that encourage, support and inspire children as they navigate life and emotions.

I especially enjoy creating picture books for sensitive kids. These gentle stories offer comfort and support in a familiar, non-threatening way. Like a gentle hug on a tough day, they help children navigate their feelings and life’s challenges. While I write longer books too, these picture books hold a special place in my heart.

Besides writing, I love spending time with my grown-up children and my huge longhaired cat (who thinks she’s a dog!). You might also find me tending my topsy-turvy garden where every plant seems to have a plan of its own. And of course, there are those exhilarating strolls along the windswept shore, where I find endless inspiration.

Picture books to the rescue!

My series of children’s picture books, beautifully brought to life by illustrator Allyson Wright, are becoming a favourite for both kids and parents. Why? Because they help navigate challenging times.

Life can be tricky, and sometimes big feelings get all tangled up inside, or even bubble over. Parents often see this in changes in behaviour, low moods, or new fears and anxieties. It can be tough to know how to help.

But there’s a powerful tool: a special picture book, shared in a quiet moment, can unlock progress and bring smiles back.

Each book holds a secret message, a hidden reassurance that says things get better, you are not alone, and hope is always there. I weave in words and ideas inspired by clinical hypnotherapy and NLP (like magic language!) to help children see things from a different angle. It’s a gentle nudge, not a push, a journey towards positive change without blame or pressure. Comfort, understanding, and often relief, flow through the words and pictures.

These books are more than stories; they’re companions on life’s bumps and wobbles. So, whether your little one is facing a tricky moment or just wants a cosy cuddle with a good book, come and explore this world of words and pictures. You may find a story that can unlock a happier, more hopeful child and a book that becomes a treasured friend, both for them and for you.


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