Heartless Cabbage

I’m sad to tell you that a disaster has occurred with the cabbages I planted out in the veg patch.  Despite my best efforts to keep them pest free, (slug pellets etc) as you can see from this picture they have been decimated.

The problem seems to be that very tiny caterpillars, which were so small that at first I couldn’t see them, have infested our lovely cabbages, but the garden birds could see them only too well and have been feasting on them, because the caterpillars were so small they have just torn off great portions of our cabbage leaves in order to eat the caterpillars.

And this is all that is left for us, not a very appealing meal. Mmm… I’m not too keen on caterpillars, but I do love butterflies so I suppose I’ll have to put up with the crawly little blighters.

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